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We like bikes and we like riding them. When we’re not riding them, we like talking and thinking about them.  Or dreaming about the new bike or parts we want to get. You may not work, eat, drink, and sleep everything bikes like we do, but if you ride a bike at all; you understand. It may be your life, or it may be a small piece of your life. Either way, it defines who you are.

From a bike flat fix, to the most comprehensive overhaul, High Knees Cycling delivers efficient diagnosis and repair. We stock a vast array of parts to get you and your bicycle back on the road. Whether your bicycle needs minor adjustments, parts replaced or upgraded, or a complete overhaul, come in and we’ll discuss the options with you.


Bike Fittings & Professional Services


Bicycle fit is the most important thing about riding that most people never think about. Here at High Knees Cycling we want to make sure that your new bike is not just the right frame size but also fitted to you personally. Some times this means changing the saddle, cranks or bars. Some times it means changing the reach or height of the bars. Sometimes it is all that and more.

We Offer:

  • General Tune Ups
  • Bicycle Fitting
  • Hand Built Bikes
  • Derailleur/Drivetrain Services
  • Headset/Bottom Bracket Services
  • Suspension Services
  • Bicycle Boxing/Shipping

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